Our Kidz


As many of you are aware, Laura and I have “no kid’s” or no “human” kid’s but what we do have are our Rescued Lab’s... And we love them!!!
Here are our kidz:

(ALL of them are Rescue’s and most of them were either on death row or abandoned by their owners)

Jeeperz “creeperz” (Black Lab)
Cozmo “puff puff Kramer” (White Lab) - THE Ball Junkie
Fargo “Sir poop-a-lot Malargo” (Chocolate)
Hank “the Tank” (Black Lab)
Tater Tot aka, Flat Paws Mr. Magoo (Yellow Lab)

Here are some pics of our kidz along with some of their Foster Family Friends...

Here is Cozmo our “Certified” BALL JUNKIE… He needs help… :)

Here Fargo is “trying” to get Cozmo’s ball… BIG mistake…

DADDY!!! I see the ball. I’ll go get it…!!!

Fargo flying over the pool:

Fargo landing in the pool:

Cozmo and Fargo snuggle time:

Fargo really wanted to sit in that corner of the couch, but Jeeperz had already claimed it…
That didn’t stop Fargo Malargo...

Here is Tater Tot trying to get Cozmo’s ball before he see’s him:

Jeeperz wet look:

Jeeperz and daddy watching football:

Hank chillin in on the back deck:

Hank on the boat “airing out” with Mommie:

Fargo and daddy in the water:

Mommie about to send Fargo’s Frisbee skyward…

Jeeperz dock of the morning:

Jeeperz first trip to the beach:

Cozmo Ball Junkie at rest...

Jeeperz is bored…

Larry, Laura and Trish and a doggie fund raiser:

Cozmo resisting:

Happy Birthday Jeeperz!!!!!

Mommie and Cozmo:

Mommie and Lady G:

Handsome Jeeperz:

Tired boyz:

Hank resting:

Fargo sleeping:

Jeeperz in a rare moment snuggling with Charlie:

Fargo and Charlie (RIP Charlie. You got a raw deal in life.)

Mommie and “big” Fargo:

Lady G:

Mommie and Cozmo:

Cozmo in the wind:

Captn’ Jeeperz:

SUPER Cozmo!!!

Cozmo’s splash down:

Jeeperz doing his flippy:

And our really special one’s: Romeo, Pooh, Lady G & Charlie...

Romeo - RIP   :(

Lady G - RIP   :(

Charlie, our wonder doggie... - RIP   :(

© Ben Hedrick - Copyright 2020